Emeis, personalized care and support

Today, we're emeis. Experts and professionals in personalized care and support for every vulnerable person.

We're changing our name, but we're not changing our strengths: the extraordinary commitment of our teams, our cutting-edge medical expertise, our constant drive for innovation, the complementary nature of our activities... We're strengthening them, as well as our commitment, to be even more useful to patients, residents, and society, by offering personalized care and support, at every moment and for every frail person.

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An identity that reflects our commitments

emeis means "we" in ancient Greek. We chose this name because it expresses:

The profound meaning of our commitment: to be useful to everyone and help our society become stronger, by taking care of all those who are vulnerable.

Our way of working: developing the strength of the collective. By bringing together our 76,000 healthcare professionals and experts, with patients, residents and beneficiaries, and by working hand in hand with all those involved in healthcare: public and private healthcare players, families and carers, local businesses and associations, etc.

We chose this logo because it expresses, through the evocation of hands and handwriting, the humility and humanity specific to our care professions. The hands protect and support. They express all our values: a commitment to humanity, taste for life, spirit of mutual aid and thirst to learn. The round shape reflects the strength of the collective. The colour orange is the symbol of softness and light in motion. It evokes community life.

emeis, an expert in care and support

For over 30 years, we have been present in France and abroad. We are 76,000 doctors, nurses, care assistants, physiotherapists, psychologists, cooks, housekeepers and gardeners, support staff... who care for and support the most vulnerable.

76,000 +

healthcare and support experts and professionals.


complementary activities: mental health clinics, medical care and rehabilitation clinics, retirement homes, home services, senior residences.

Nearly 1,000

facilities in some twenty countries worldwide.


patients and residents cared for and supported every year.

Our purpose, our mission

"Together, let’s stand as a strength for the vulnerable among us."

This is our profound conviction. Together, we are working to meet one of the greatest societal challenges of the coming world.

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Our 4 shared values

The result of extensive consultation with our 76,000 employees around the world, they represent our way of being and doing things, every day.

Elderly person exercising with rehabilitation therapist

A commitment to humanity

This value means that it is in caring for the most vulnerable that our humanity is revealed. Our profession is an individual and collective commitment to serving those who find themselves in need.

An elderly person and a caregiver hug each other

Taste for life

This value means that taking care means cultivating a collective desire to live. Caring for and supporting a vulnerable person means enabling them to get on with their life or helping them to feel alive.

Three caregivers work around a computer

Thirst to learn

This value means that the more we learn, the better we care. Daily, we are always looking to improve our practice, listening to all useful input from wherever it comes.

Two caregivers chat in a hall

Spirit of mutual aid

This value means that helping others means helping ourselves. This is the way we work. We share resources between sites. We help each other in every team.

With emeis we are opening a new chapter in our history. 18 months after defining and implementing a Refoundation Plan, we are ready.

Laurent GUILLOT, CEO of emeis

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Our CSR committments

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Our plans for the future

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Tailor-made care for our patients and residents

Tailor-made care for our patients and residents